Upgrade Check_MK OMD and install MKP files

When I started to use Check_MK I read a lot of the documentation on the site. It is very good but in some cases it was quite complicated and I just wanted a tutorial how to do some things. This tutorial shows you how to upgrade OMD to the latest version and also how to install mkp files. This might be handy if you want to use plug-ins for monitoring something that is not built in. For example Synology or Domino.

First check your version. I have used Ubuntu server so I type

lsb_release -a

Also check if its 32 bit or 64 bit bt typing

uname -a

After this choose you correct download location. I have used a nightly build.

Upgrade Check MK and OMD

sudo wget http://files.omdistro.org/nightly/2014-08-29/omd-1.21.20140829.trusty.i386.deb (change this url)
sudo gdebi omd-0.44_lucid1_amd64.deb
sudo su - mysite
omd versions
omd stop
omd update mysite
omd start

Now it will be upgraded!

Install Plugins / Mkp files from Check_MK exchange


sudo su mysite
check_mk -P list  (lists current packages)
cd /
cd home/wherever your files are
check_mk -P install newpackage*


Check_MK will automatically use the mkp packages.