Synology Photos and subjects

I just installed 1.5.0-0489 of Photos and wanted to share some insights.


  • Your NAS will be faster with 6Gb of RAM
  • You will get AI generated subjects
  • You can create custom conditional albums based on subjects


First of all not all NAS will be able to run faces and subjects read this list in order to find out if it works for you. Even if your NAS is listed you may notice that there is a disclaimer. In my case I am using a 220+. By default it has 2Gb ram. You will need more. I bought this an Amazon. Just power off your NAS, remove the disk and insert the ram. Make sure it clicks and is attached correctly.

You will also need the latest version of Photos. Right now Photos won´t be updated automatically so you will have to download it manually and install it as well. It can be found here.

What you will end up with

When you boot up your NAS check the info tab in control panel to make sure it has 6 GB of ram.

Open Photos. If it works you will se this image. Enable it. Now it will scan all photos and this may take a very long time.

Open albums tab and make sure you can see subjects. In my case I has about 50 subjects including the ones below. You may only see some first as it is indexing all images now.


Now you will be able to create albums like all images from 2023, taken with my Sony camera, containing deers and taken in Monaco. Cool right?


The AI engine is very good of finding boats, fruits and some other stuff. Not so much of instruments. Below is a escalator in Monaco, some wallpaper, a birdbox and a machine for extracting honey combs. It identified Floor ball as Basket. A trampoline as a birthday party and so on. But in some cases it worked just fine. I do not know what engine they are using but we can hope that it will be improved.