Check a LSI raid adapter in Windows from Nagios/OP5

If you are using Nagios you most likely have some Windows servers that you monitor. I suppose the servers have some kind of raid setup and maybe you are using an LSI Megaraid adapter. If so you want to monitor the raid adapter and not only the c:/drive that you monitor via nrpe. This seems like a very simple thing but I noticed that there were not that much documentation how to do this. To get this working do the following:

1. Download The vbs script. Place this in your scripts folder on the windows server in the NSClient++ directory.

2. Add this line in the config file for Nsclient. Restart the service.

check_megaraid = cscript.exe //T:30 //NoLogo scripts\\lib\\wrapper.vbs megaraid.vbs

3. Install Megacli. I do not know if it is necessary but I did install the Megaraid utility on the Windows server. After that you will have to download MegaCli. The URL may have changed since this post.

Unzip and put the MegaCli64 and put in in the Program Files (x86)\MegaRAID Storage Manager\ directory. rename it to MegaCli or change the path in the vbs script.

4.  Run the command from your Nagios server. It should say something like this.

./check_nrpe -s -H -c check_megaraid
Result code: OK
RAID OK: 1 logical drives, 3 physical drives

You will find a Linux file in the zip archive as well. If you want to monitor the local server you van use the plug in below. But you will have to put the megacli file in a proper place.

And the result will show the raid status.