Bally World Cup Soccer 1994 – Restoration – Part 3 (Reassembly)

In this third part we will start to put the things back. What I have done so far is:

  • Cleaned almost all metal parts with ultrasound cleaner
  • Cleaned all cables
  • Powders coated the legs, sidebars and lockbar
  • Applied new decals and fixed the cabinet
  • Cleaned all boards
  • Added a soccer topper with wled
  • Mounted a new ramp

Mounting siderails and legs

So it is ready for assembly. First there are some things do do and that would be mounting the sidebars with tape. I have not done this before but used the method described in The Pinscape guide. It is for building virtual pinball but the documentation here is great. I have replaced all metal parts with black parts. My local car service shop were able to powder coat the legs, the lock bar and the side rails. It looks amazing. One thing I did wrong was when mounting the legs and leg protectors. I thought the protectors would be enough in order to protect the decals. It was not. I am not sure I did this correct but I had to cut the decals close to the the leg.  The result were that the decals were damaged and moved. So I now have some small bubbles in some parts.

I also ordered a new plastic ramp. It is called ramp 2 and is the larger ramp mounted at the top. It is expensive but still it is the main focus of the playfield so I think it is worth it. I have now removed the ramps so many times so I feel quite comfortable with doing this. However moving all switches and cables were more time consuming then I first thought. Also the flag stickers were really difficult to attach.


Backbox, misc and testing

I also sprayed the backbox door. And applied new stickers. I did put my old bulbs as a protection when spraying to protect the sockets. I did print some custom instruction cards. I also wanted to paint the speakers in a soccer style. I have attached the image below.

Now when everything is done it is time for testing. Most likely you have missed some cables or there might be other small things that may not work as expected. I has about 5 errors to check different switches.  Just take one by one and follow the wires.


Money spent and ordering spare parts

I have spend about 1500 €. This is everything from bolts to ramps. The pinball was purchased for 2700 €. But it was in quite bad shape then. The expensive parts were the main ramp, the playfield protector, the decals and Pinsound. I will get back to Pinsound in the last post.

I would also like to share my experiences when it comes to ordering spare parts. I am based in Sweden so I have tried to order from with in the EU. I have ordered other parts before frm the US but the toll and fee makes it about 50 percent more expansive. I have ordered from:

Freeplay (Sweden)

+ Good service. Fast replies and good quality

– Missing some parts in stock

PU-Parts (Germany)

+ Good service, Fast service and good quality

– Only sell some parts

Ministry of Pinball (Holland)

+ Fast delivery. Many products in stock

– Do not respond to email. I was unhappy with some parts but never got any reply.

Pinsound (France)

+ Excellent quality, perfect support, fast delivery, good products

– Expensive.

Pinball Center (Germany)

+ Repliues on email. Able to refund bad products, Many items in store

–  Poor quality, poor english

Playfield-Protectors (Germany)

+ Fast delivery

– Expensive