Ask Alexa to tell you about your Home Assistant sensors

Before I have posted about the Alexa TTS for Home Assistant. When enabling this you can use TTS to announce things like when the laundry is ready.  You can also ask Alexa anything about your home to make her reply the In order to make the below work you will need:


Home Assistant with Alexa TTS component loaded

A sensor in Home Assistant.  (I use the Aeotec multisensor)

The Node Red skill (posted here), you may also use HA Cloud

First of all edit scripts.yaml in Home Assistant.

  alias: "Alexa Indoor status"
    - service: media_player.alexa_tts
        entity_id: media_player.my_echo_plus
        message: “ The temperature in the main bathroom is {{states ('sensor.multisensor_main_bathroom_temperature') }} degrees ”

I have added scripts to group.yaml so it shows up here. However that is not necessary. The important row is the message. Make sure you use the correct entity here.

Optional: If you use HA cloud you may use something like below in the configuration.yaml.

        - script.alexa_indoor_status

If you don not have an account in the Node Red Alexa bridge create one here. Create a device like below. I have tested using activity here. It might be that you should use a switch. I do not really know the difference. The main thing is that it should be able to execute the HA script.

Now open the Alexa app and search for new devices. As this is a script it will be shown under scenes in the app. You can try to run the script from your Alexa app to make sure it works. You can also create a routine so when asking “Alexa, whats the indoor temperature” it will run the scene.


The last step is to use Node Red to control it. Or to run the script. Simply create a flow like below.



Edit the call service and add the script.

When telling Alexa